Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

This is Morgan's card to my mom. Precious!!
Today was an absolutely lovely Mother's Day! My parents went to church with us and then we came back to our house for lunch, lovingly prepared by moi! I intended to make reservations at the Chop House but since it was graduation weekend as well as Mother's Day, I was a bit out of luck. We enjoyed delicious chicken roll-ups, twice baked potato casserole, 7-layered salad (carefully layered by me!), and my sweet mama's favorite, Coca-Cola Cake! We pulled out all the pretty things and really enjoyed being together, talking, laughing, and relaxing - much more than we would have at a restaurant. Since Chris had to work this weekend, he and the girls took me out last weekend to Bonefish Grill and he also fixed breakfast in bed for me yesterday. I didn't know he could make French toast!! Twenty-four years together and he still surprises me!! So, it was a glorious celebration and I am so thankful and blessed to still have my mama and to be called "mama" every day!

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