Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Baking

So, as you have probably noticed, my paper crafting has dwindled significantly since Miss Morgan was born, but my baking has definitely taken off!! I think I have been channeling Martha Stewart and have found some delicious recipes to make and share this Christmas! Yesterday, I made pecan sandies, caramel chocolate cookie bars, Oreo truffles, & mini caramel tarts, and I had already made buckeye bars & orange balls. Bailey made the reindeer cookies and they are fun and yummy, too! I am in the process of making bacon grits fritters that I found in this month's "Southern Living" Magazine that are absolutely to die for! Of course, yesterday was a snow day, so Miss Bailey was home all day, which turned out to be a tremendous help to me. But I was totally pooped by the end of the day and was looking forward to a quiet evening and early bedtimes when Bailey dislocated her knee!! It was horrendous! Had Chris not been here, I know I would've passed out! Thankfully, Chris was able to pop her knee back into place and after a while, she calmed down enough to take an ibuprofen. She was so scared and I know it hurt terribly. She's doing better today and will probably go to school once Chris gets home and wraps her knee. Add to this, Morgan screaming her little lungs out last night and I was starting to wish that I was a drinking woman!! Today seems to have started off a little more calmly and I'm definitely not going to get into any baking projects today so I'm hopeful for a better day!

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