Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Washi Tape Madness!

Saturday was my birthday, so I took a little road trip to the ATL to visit one of my favorite craft store, Archiver's, and redeem some of my birthday freebie coupons. I've been looking for Washi tape locally since I got a roll for Christmas (thanks, Jane!!), and I haven't been able to find any, but I found a huge selection at Archiver's!! If you're not familiar with Washi tape, it is a decorative paper tape that is easy to tear, thereby making it a breeze to work with. I stuck with a few color schemes so that I wouldn't buy lots of random rolls that I couldn't put together into projects. I found quite a bit of inspiration on Pinterest, including the idea for this card, which was very easy to put together. There are endless creative options with Washi tape and it's fun to experiment with. Thanks for stopping by - now go buy some Washi tape!!


Jane Taylor said...

I will go buy some tape. I love the card you have made. So easy and pretty. Once again I will copy. (let me know if you mind) Love Ya, Jane

Jane Taylor said...

Oh, I found some tape a AC Moore for $1.66. You REALLY have to look for it. I found it on an end cap on the back side. Jane

Angela Lemmons said...

Thanks, Jane!! And you're welcome to copy!