Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Morgan's Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

I must admit that I have been thinking about throwing a Very Hungry Caterpillar party for Morgan for more than a year. I was going to do it last year for her 2nd birthday, but all of the ideas I found on Pinterest simply overwhelmed me. I didn't know where to begin! So, I made a list of the details I definitely wanted to do and tried to stick to that list as much as possible. I still searched Pinterest for new ideas DAILY, but I wasn't as tempted to add to the list once I had it written down. There are lots of items on etsy (here, here, here, and here) that you can buy and print out at home or at your local photo lab, which is a tremendous time and money saver. I also decided at the beginning the details I wanted to splurge on (the cake and the cookies) and the ones that I needed to be more frugal on. Also, since I am a rabid papercrafter, I already had lots of things I could use for the party - cardstock for the banners and bean bag toss game, lots of paper punch and templates for the circles and ovals, cellophane bags for the party favors, felt for the bean bags and did I mention lots and lots of cardstock?!?! Here are some of my favorite pics from Morgan's Very Hungry Caterpillar Third Birthday Party!
The beautiful and delicious cake from Rita's Bakery. I took in several cake pics that I found on Pinterest for them to go by.

I made this bean bag toss out of a box an a giant piece of red paper I got from my church. The details are made from cardstock.

I can barely sew on a button (seriously) but when I was faced with spending $25 for a girl I know to make bean bags, I decided I would give it a shot! They were surprisingly easy and since felt I only 34 cents a sheet at the local craft store, they were cheap, too. And I would rather spend that money on food!

Cookies that a friend of mine made. TOTALLY worth splurging on! They were delicious and absolutely adorable!!

Our precious niece sharing a Cheeto with the birthday girl!

I also made Morgan's party hat out of a store-bought hat, lots of cardstock ovals, and bits of ribbon for the tassel.

We have exactly zero funny candid photos of our family so this is my favorite shot of the day!!

Morgan's new wheels that her cousin, Samuel, loved more than she did!

Poorly framed pic but cute of my baby!! I made the banner and the balloon centerpieces.

A kiss for the caterpillar!!

The younger kids LOVED the bean bag toss!!

I adore how the food table looked! I framed a pic of the birthday girl and personalized subway art that I bought on etsy (link above) and used the book as table decorations.

Reading the story before supper was served.
Thanks for stopping by - now go plan a party!!

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Leigh Ann Baird said...

You did an amazing job on this party!