Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Captain American Birthday Party

We celebrated our sweet angel baby's 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago with a Captain America party (her choice!). It was surprisingly easy to put together once I narrowed down the list of projects I wanted to complete. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. My new philosophy is that I try not to look at the mega over-the-top birthday parties that make me feel defeated before I even start planning. That really helped a couple of years ago when I planned her Very Hungry Caterpillar party. That party could've easily been the death of me because nearly every party I found on-line was huge with elaborate spreads of food representing every single item that darn caterpillar ate!! Let me free you now to actually enjoy your children's birthday parties - YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALL!! You only have to do what your kid will really love and you can manage. I PROMISE!! No matter how big or small the parties are, my little one always raves about her friends and family being there. That's what always sticks with her!
I have a sweet friend who makes the most delicious cookies so I knew I wanted those. In fact, I planned the date of the party around her availability!! The cake was delicious and made by a local bakery because I once tried my hand at a birthday cake and it was not pretty. I made t-shirts for the little kids, Frisbees as Captain America's shield for everyone, a banner, a wreath, and lots of delicious food! Morgan had a blast and we all enjoyed a wonderfully pleasant afternoon of food and fellowship!

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Mary Ann said...

That is AMAZING!! I can not believe she is 5....