Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reindeer Food

OK, I feel like THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! Well, maybe not the smartest, but definitely the LUCKIEST! I heard about this idea rather randomly and thought it was a great idea for Bailey's class Christmas craft, but it wasn't until I made one and saw how completely adorable it is that I felt so happy I could hardly stand it! Inside the brown paper bag is "Reindeer Food" which consists of dry oatmeal with a little glitter so the reindeer can see the food from the sky (of course!!) - the kids can sprinkle this in their yard on Christmas Eve so the reindeer will have something to do while Santa unloads those presents! I traced Bailey's hands and used the cut-outs as the antlers and punched circles in white, gray, and red for the eyes and nose and VOILA!! I can't wait to make these with the kids tomorrow - I hope they like them, too! Merry Christmas!!

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