Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweet Child of Mine!

I think I have the sweetest child in the world and I am so blessed!! We had a little flower arrangement on the table from our dinner party the other night and Bailey wanted to take some of the flowers to her teacher. So, I gave her a jar I had kept (if you're not keeping your pasta sauce jars, you should start - they are the perfect giveaway flower vase!!) and she picked out the flowers she wanted, arranging them beautifully, I think!! She then made a little tag for the vase and added some chenilles around the neck of the jar for some extra color and voila!! The perfect little bouquet for her sweet teacher. I am so proud of my little girl's kindness and generosity. She's the best!! Have a great day and check back later - I have a whole list of cards I want to make today!!

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Leigh Ann Baird said...

Bailey is super sweet!