Monday, February 27, 2012

Boy Cards = Brain Freeze!!

My dear sweet friend, Karen, has placed another order for cards so that means that you, sweet blog-followers, get to reap the rewards! I've found so much inspiration on Pinterest, so it's entirely possible that you've seen these cards before, but try to play along . . . :D This time, she ordered birthday cards for boys near her son's age, 5-7ish. I am completely baffled when it comes to boy birthday cards simply because I just don't make them that often. I've gotten a little better since I've been making cards for my secret prayer partner in confirmation class (a 6th grader), but I usually think that boys this age don't care what the card looks like and they're likely to rip it to shreds before anyone else can see it and be thoroughly impressed!! Anyway, I made this card for my prayer partner and I'm going to change the sentiment to make it a birthday card for Karen's order. Simple and boy-friendly - SCORE!! Have a great week!!

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