Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine, I like the way you roll . . .

As most of you know, Pinterest is the new crack, and I am completely addicted!! So, I decided to make a few little treats for Bailey and hide them in her school binder the days before Valentine's Day. I don't know why I haven't done this before now!! I LOVE making holiday treats but I knew I'd lose interest (and lots of $$) if I had to make them for her entire class. Plus, let's face it, elementary school kids really don't appreciate the creativity and effort that go into creating cute little treats and they tend to rip open whatever you give them in search of candy. Trust me, I know this to be true, because my mental age is 11 and that's what I would do!! So, Bailey is the lucky recipient of my crafty madness and, so far, she's been pretty excited!! This little treat is super simple and took about 2 minutes to complete! You can use any rolled candy, but Rolos are my personal favorite. So, go dig through those red, white, & pink scraps and stickers you know you have and get crafting!!

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