Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Photo Garland

Our sweet Morgan recently had her first birthday so, of course, we celebrated with a party and lots of yummy cake!! We had a cookout and the day was gorgeous, with just a hint of a breeze and glorious sunshine. We put up a canopy for a little bit of shade, which offered the perfect location for the photo garland I made. I took one picture from each month of Miss Morgan's first year and created banners for each one and hung them on rope using custom clothespins that coordinated with our party color scheme. I am so proud of how the finished project turned out!! It was very simple to create using 4x6 photos and card stock cut to 4.25 x 8.5. I then drew a line from each bottom corner to the middle of the picture to create the fishtail. I used a bit of monoadhesive to attach tiny strips of patterned paper to the clothespins. I did the same thing, with the addition of buttons, and used them as weights for our tablecloths. Clever, don't you think? And super cute!! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll make a photo garland for your next party!!

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