Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feelin' Froggy

I LOVE paper punched animals! It is so cool to see how those punches that hang on your wall every day can work together to create something so cute!! Bailey's third grade teacher last year loved frogs so I included this card I made a while ago with her photo calendar that I finally finished! I always make a scrapbook or something similar for Bailey's teacher's end-of-year gift, but this year, I was a little late. My multitasking skills have really taken a hit with this pregnancy! Anyway, this year, I did a Shutterfly calendar that she can use this year with pictures from last year's class. I LOVE this idea and it's so easy - much easier than making a scrapbook! I hope she likes it. Have a great day!

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nitestamper said...

What a sweetheart ofa cad. love the use of punches.