Monday, August 8, 2011

Crafty Cup!

(ETA: Here is the link to the Coffee Card Tutorial. Thanks, bashore4usc, for reminding me where I saw it!!) Sorry I'm so very late with this post. I made this card DAYS ago but just got the lip stamp last weekend. I think it adds so much to the card, don't you? Sunday, the day I should've posted this, was not a very good day, as evidenced by my new haircut. Lesson learned: NEVER get your hair cut when you're in a bad mood by someone who normally doesn't cut your hair - NO MATTER WHAT!! And for God's sake, don't tell the stylist you have no idea you want and to just do anything. You will regret this. I promise . . .

Anyway, I totally LOVE this card and am desperate to find someone deserving to give a Starbucks gift card to. I found this idea on a blog that I lost when my computer shut down on its own, but I promise to post an update here when I find it so you can see this and many other cool projects. Thanks for stopping by!

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bashore4usc said...

I saw the gift card on I couldn't remember where I first saw it, so I checked your blog. Finally found it!