Friday, February 27, 2009

Kristina's Color Inspiration #43

I really, really, REALLY like the colors in Kristina's Color Inspiration this week, but you'd never know it by the card I made! I was trying to channel Dawn McVey's simple and beautiful style, but my card just turned out plain and mismatched. I'm posting it as a cautionary tale - FIND YOUR OWN STYLE!! You'll notice that the cards in my previous post for the Stamps and Smiles Sketch Contest are so much better and it's because I went back to my own personal style of creating cards when I made them. Dawn does an amazing job on her projects, but her style just isn't for me - when I'm creating, that is!! So, stay true to your own style and the colors and patterns that you love the next time you're creating cards or other paper projects - you'll be glad you did!!


travelingmama said...

I loved the colors too! Your card is so cute! I know what you mean about finding your own style. There is SO much amazing talent and inspiration out there, but every time I try to make myself fit into someone else's style... well, the results are disastrous. It just doesn't feel like me. Anyways! Thanks for the thoughts! You did a great job!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

It's not a bad card at all, it's just different from what you are used to making. I remember trying to mimic JulieHRR's clean, minimalist style and it didn't turn out so well. I like her style so I continue to try and incorporate some of that in my cards.

It's taken me a while to "find myself". I finally realized that I can't make cards like Beate or those other ladies that have lots of layers, etc. It's just not me, but you seem to make cards like that exceptionally well. I have so much trouble with those MOJO sketches! It also took me a long time to start making original cards. I stopped digging through the gallery at SCS like I used to and that's actually helped spark some creativity. Sometimes they turn out great and other times, well not so much.

I like your style Angela, you make cards that are clean yet layered and interesting. It never hurts to try something new.

Debbie Pamment said...

I think this is a gorgeous card - the textures really make it while maintaining it's simple elegance.