Friday, February 13, 2009

My very own Cupcakery!!

I know what you're thinking - those are some DELICIOUS-looking cupcakes! They must be from The Cupcakery or Magpies or some other professional bakery. Nope! I made them myself and they are amazing! Sinful devil's food cupcakes with homemade white chocolate buttercream frosting - wowee wow wow! If you've never used the Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator, you really need to because it is super-easy. I used it to frost the cupcakes and my daughter really enjoyed sucking the remaining frosting from the tube! Sadly, there are only three of these spectacular little morsels . . . but I also made a very large, heart-shaped cake that my family is going to devour after a wonderful Valentine dinner tomorrow night. I am really excited that my sweet parents are coming over to eat with us. Have a wondeerful Valentine's Day and be sure to enjoy all the treats you can get your hands on :)

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