Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get Your Green On, Baby!

What a wonderful day it has been! First of all, it is gorgeous here in Knoxville - sunny, warm, breezy, and beautiful!! Second of all, it's my sweet daddy's birthday and we are so looking forward to dinner with him and my sweet mama tonight! Third of all, Bailey & I had so much fun on our errands this morning. She now has a favorite Frappuccino, too (I know, bad news, huh?!) and since she's so LUCKY she was able to get one today at Target! That made her especially happy! She also got to put sprinkles on our drinks - I'll bet you didn't know that Starbucks had sprinkles, did you? Well, for Bailey they sure do :) I think our friends there are counting the days till Bailey is 16 and can work there. Just 8 more years . . . So besides being lucky on this day, we are also very blessed and hope your day is blessed as well!
(BTW, this is the little St. Patrick's Day treat that took me a week to finish!! Shouldn't have, it's very simple, but I kept putting it off till late last night and finally got it done. Yea!!)

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Leigh Ann Baird said...

If Target would just add a Borders or Barnes and Noble I would be in heaven.